It’s ALL in the Cloud Now…

It was only inevitable I suppose, that finally, after months of planning, evaluating and kicking it around that I finally made the move to the Cloud for my personal things.  All of my pictures, videos, documents, etc. etc. is ALL in the Cloud now.   What about my personal servers here at home?  Gone…I am officially serverless, and for the first time in my IT career, I don’t have a room full of stuff.  How does it feel?  Pretty good actually. When I made the choice to go to the Cloud the idea was really to test a number of different companies that provide the services I need to use to make it a reality for all of the files and such that I have at home, and then for any applications, etc., that I would want to run as a systems engineer.

For my home use, I use two providers for Cloud services.  Windows Live and Google’s various services.  I like it because I can lock things down completely so I can share as much or as little as I want to.  I have a paid account with Google so I have more than enough storage, and adding it is cheap.  When I need a server I use Rackspace Cloud.  When I need it, I’ll use it.  When I don’t, I’ll turn it off, and only pay for what I need…Linux or Windows.

Today I am typing this on a NetBook (I love my Dell Mini 10v) but if I am on my wife’s Mac, my kids laptops or wherever anyone elses system, I will have access to anything I want.  If my hard drive dies…I am OK with that too, because it’s in the Cloud, and THAT is the future.  I will share more about this move and how homes can take advantage of the Cloud in future posts.  But for me…it’s done, and for the first time in a long time, there are no fans spinning in my home to keep some piece of server or storage hardware cool (which my wife REALLY appreciates).

1 thought on “It’s ALL in the Cloud Now…”

  1. With my move back to the “Dark Side” from Mac to Windows I’ve moved most everything to Windows Live Mesh (for synchronization between the desktop and the “iDuo“) or SkyDrive (hmm, 20 GB of MobileMe for $99/yr or 25GB of SkyDrive for nada? Kind of a no-brainer), and some things are out there on Amazon S3 (dirt cheap cloud storage). If I need more computing power than my iDuo’s dual-core Atom can provide, I have Hamachi VPN and can remote-desktop-connect into the desktop PC from anywhere.

    The desktop still functions a bit as a “server,” but mainly to take advantage of its massive storage (2 TB HD) for TV and video recording.

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