Dell DCS Announces the c6145 – 96 Cores in 2u

One of the things I love about my job is that not only get to meet and work with great co-workers and customers, but I get to work with amazing technology, and solve many significant technology issues using Dell Cloud Computing Solutions and Poweredge C servers from Dell Data Center Solutions (DCS).  Today is another example of how Dell is innovating and producing products that take computing to the next level in the Cloud, Hyperscale and HPC.

I have spoken to a number of customers about this platform and immediately we’re hearing that not only will people be using this for HPC environments, but also traditional mass Virtualization, where they need to power a great many virtual servers and do so in a significantly reduced footprint.

What makes this an even more powerful product is when you combine it with the Dell c410x PCI Expansion Chassis for GPGPU Computing.  This single chassis can power thirty-two nVidia Tesla 2050 and 2070 GPU’s giving you amazing amounts of power in a very small footprint.

In my next posting I’ll discuss CPU computing vs. GPU computing, and even provide a fun video for you to get a visual of what it all means.

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