Dell Data Center Solutions

I often laugh on the inside when people find out that I work for Dell because immediately they assume that I am a PC technician or something like that.  In reality, I am a PC user like most everyone else, and actually, I am a Linux guy.  It’s also funny when you read the Wall Street analyst reports that talk about PC sales and Dell is one of the companies they always mention.  What you don’t hear a lot about though is the Enterprise side of our business, including our Cloud, Hyperscale and High Performance Computing (HPC) teams.  At the most recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Dell Chairman and CEO Michael Dell sat down with Maria Bartiromo from CNBC for a very telling interview.  In short, Dell is about more than the PC.

Michael gives us a lot of interesting statistics in this interview.  He talks about Facebook and the fact that twenty-one of the top twenty-five most trafficked websites in the world run on Dell hardware.  He goes into a lot of areas that many people don’t know about.  Here we see TY Schmitt, Lead Architect for the Dell Modular Data Center talk about one of Dell’s many innovative products.

When Dell DCS was started four year ago it was designed around the special needs that a small group of very large customers were not being met using the traditional rack mounted server.  These were customers were every u of space and every watt saved mattered.  These were customers that had specific needs such as Memcache, Data Analytics, Hadoop / MapReduce, Cloud, Hyperscale and HPC using purpose-built hardware.  As those needs trickled down to the enterprise we announced the PowerEdge C line of servers.

But we’re not just about hardware.  We offer several turnkey solutions around Cloud technologies through our partnerships with Canonical, Aster Data, Joyent and OpenStack.  When you take those technologies and combine them with the Dell PowerEdge C platform you have a solid infrastructure that allows you to meet virtually any computing need with efficiency and scale in mind with the backing of one of the premier companies in IT today.

In the beginning these things were only available to our largest customers, but over the past year we have made it so every enterprise, without a minimum buy requirement, can take advantage of world-class solutions, backed by Dell’s service, support and engineering expertise. But don’t take my word for it. Listen to what our customer have to say.

Until next time, see you in the Cloud!

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