Make way for the Microserver

This past week at the 2011 World Hosting Days in Rust, Germany, Dell Data Center Solutions announced its latest additions to the PowerEdge C family, the c5125 and c5220.  While these servers were built specifically for hosting companies, the appeal is much broader with support for Linux and Windows to run natively on each of the servers as well as various hypervisors.  If you consider you can get up to twelve servers in 3u, use 1/6th of the fans and drastically less power that you would for twelve 1u servers while shrinking your rack footprint by 75%, that is a compelling story.The c5000 series will have two releases to begin with, the c5125 powered by AMD, and the c5220 which will be powered by Intel.  Dell Data Center Solutions Product Manager Deania Davidson gives us a great tour of the c5125 in this video.

The second product, the Intel-powered c5220 is featured in this video from World Hosting Days 2011 where Jason Waxman, GM for Intel High Density Computing, weighs in with his thoughts on the product and how it would give hosting companies the real flexibility they have been needing.

If you are interested in the c5125 or the c5220, contact your Dell Account Executive and have them put you in touch with the Data Center Solutions team for more information about Dell PowerEdge C servers and Cloud Solutions from Dell DCS.

Until next time, I’ll see you in the Cloud!

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