Facebook’s Open Compute Day…

Last week was one of the biggest days in IT as Facebook “lifted the veil” surrounding its data centers and reaching efficiencies that should make everyone’s head turn.  The Open Compute announcement dominated the media for two full days last week, and I am still reading about it now on various news outlets.  Dell’s Cloud Evangelist, Barton George, attended the Facebook event along with several Dell executives and provided outstanding coverage on his blog.  Rather the re-hash an event that I did not attend (living on the East Coast means you don’t get to attend tech shows or events), I encourage you to spend some time on Barton’s Blog and see what all took place.  He’s got some great interviews and pictures, and more information about this event that you can imagine.  The neat thing is that he covers topics that the “traditional” tech media doesn’t…like, how this relates to Dell.  The answer may truly surprise you.  Thanks Barton for providing the best coverage of the event I have seen yet!

From Barton’s Blog:

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