SolidFire Delivers SSD-Based Cloud Storage Platform

As more companies adopt Cloud Computing for some or part of their IT infrastructure, one of the issues that many are concerned about is performance.  You don’t have to look very far to understand that this has been an issue in some cases and continues to be a concern for many.  That concern, however, is about to disappear, thanks to SolidFire and their SSD storage platform that can deliver an amazing amount of IOPS.  The product is designed for Cloud providers to provide exceptionally fast performance to their customers while reducing their storage footprint.

“Our discussions with cloud providers continue to show that traditional disk-based architectures are not suited for broad-scale deployment within the cloud. These systems quickly become I/O-bound at cloud scale, leaving customers with poor and unpredictable performance. In addition, traditional storage system are complex to manage, expensive and lack the automation that cloud service providers require,” said Dave Wright, founder and CEO of SolidFire. “At SolidFire, we are changing the way primary block storage services are deployed and managed within the cloud. The Early Access Program that we are announcing today will take our fully tested all-SSD systems into cloud providers’ environments with guaranteed Quality of Service, inline data efficiencies, and automated management – all at price comparable to spinning disk.” (Read the full press release here)

The SolidFire SF 3010 scales from one to one hundred nodes in a cluster giving you from 150,000 IOPS (for a three node cluster) to a whopping 5,000,000 IOPS in a one hundred node cluster. Below are the product specs on the SF3010 model, their first offering.

Here is a view of the front and back of the device that shows the device with all of the connectivity that helps deliver the content quickly and efficiently:

With the release of the SolidFire SF3010, the issue of performance is, well…no longer an issue, and those who were looking for reasons not to go to the Cloud have one less reason to worry about.  Well done SolidFire!

Images courtesy of SolidFire.

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