OSCON 2011 Week

Ever since I attended my first OSCON in 2005 I have wanted to go back every year because as a believer in Open Source technologies, OSCON is really a place where the “box” doesn’t exist…where you’ll never hear the words “we can’t do that” because Open Source is all about what CAN be done when you don’t have the restrictions of proprietary software.

While I had planned on writing this from Portland, Oregon today, I remain here in Tampa, Florida because, well, it’s all a matter of scheduling, and I got scheduled before I got requested for the show.  But all is not lost.  Not only do we have the Twitter feeds that will be blazing during the show, we have the live video coverage.  Like every show, there are sure to be some big announcements coming our way.  Not to be a spoiler though, let’s take a look at some of the areas I think will generate the most traffic based on the trends that we have seen in the news over the past few months.  The schedule lists tracks for Business, Cloud, Community, Education, Event, Javascript & HTML 5, Mobile Platforms, Open Hardware, Perl, PHP, Programming, Python, Ruby and Tool & Techniques.

This is STRICTLY my opinion, and I reserve the right to be wrong, but I suspect the biggest draws for topics this year will be:

Cloud Computing…this one is easy.  You can’t go to a single tech site and not see some article about Cloud, and certainly Mobile Platforms.  Open Hardware…it was a big deal with Facebook announced it, but once people realized what they would really need to have data center wise (a major consideration given to power, etc.) it quickly went into the “that’s nice…call me when it is more mature and ready for the masses” category.  Finally…the events.  One of the best things about OSCON and ANY trade show for that matter, are the events put on by the vendors.  Free food and libations aside, this is a great opportunity for the community to interact directly with the vendors in a fun, relax atmosphere.  I can’t tell you the contacts that were made the developed into friendships at these events.  I won’t be at any of these, but I will be following the event on Twitter.

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