Linux and Open Source in 2003 vs 2011

It think it was June of 2003 when Continental Airlines Managing Director Nathan Hanks said some fairly disparaging remarks about Linux and Open Source people.

“All the guys hacking Windows are Linux guys.” Continental was hit hard by SQL Slammer and “our CEO said we’d failed,” Hanks said.  “Having one vendor throat to choke is helpful in crisis situations, Hanks said. An IT pro can’t go to the CEO and say that a server is down, “and hopefully some guy in Amsterdam” will get to a fix when he gets back from the “dope house,” he said.  (Source:

Now…This is NOT a bash on Mr. Hanks or Continental (because I enjoy my elite status on them).  It is, however, an example of how times have changed.  In 2003, Continental would not dream of Open Source or Linux, and it was an uphill fight from those of us who believed in it to get the message out.  Today, NASA relies on it for their Nebula Cloud!

Here’s an interesting article from the Investor’s Business daily on how RackSpace, Dell and others are using Open Source OpenStack to compete with Amazon.  No dope house support there…Linux and Open Source have grown up.

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