OpenStack Essex Deploy Day is Coming!

Mark your calendars, because May 31st is going to be a significant day in the life of OpenStack and the Dell Crowbar utility as Dell, Nicira, OpsCode, Rackspace, EnStratus, Orbital Software Solutions and others, will be standing by to assist you with your deployment of Essex using Crowbar on OpenStack Essex Deploy Day.  You’ll note I said “and others”…because we are looking for more volunteers to be available to work people as they deploy Essex in their environment.  Not only will there be online help available, but there are also two physical locations that will be open for you in Austin, TX and Boston, MA.

I have said this before in another posting about Open Source being alive and well at Dell, but I think I need to say it again, because this is really key to why the Open Source model really works, and why the Community model is as successful as it is.

Last week I had the chance to attend ChefConf in San Francisco, CA.  What is Chef?  From the OpsCode Wiki on Chef, “Chef is an open-source systems integration framework built specifically for automating the cloud”.  Now it is important to note that Dell’s Crowbar supports Chef…and only Chef at this point.  We do not support Crowbar on Puppet.  There are a number of reasons for this, but rather than go into those which some people will want to argue with, let’s just say we had to pick one…and we went with Chef.  While I al always up for a good political debate, religious wars over which application stack to use…I have learned my lesson…you CANNOT win those, no matter how hard you try and what evidence you have that you might be right.  People will use what they are going to use…and until what they pick stops doing what they want it to do, they won’t change.

Anyway, last week I attended ChefConf, and one of my co-workers, Rob Hirschfeld, was on hand to speak.  It was standing room only…as well it should be, because Rob was talking about how the Crowbar utility works and how it utilizes Chef to deploy and manage an OpenStack Cloud.  What I took away from this was four things:

  • Interest in Crowbar is HUGE
  • There are a LOT of very talented people developing for Chef
  • There are a LOT of very talented people using Chef in their environment
  • While there is amazing Chef talent, there are even more people that don’t know it, but want to learn about it and get it going in their environment.

If you were not able to attend Rob’s session, please take about forty-five minutes to watch Rob’s presentation he did with Rebecca Brenton (Partner Manager for Dell Solutions).

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