Changing channels…sort of

There comes a time when all good things must come to an end…my blog is no exception.  But rather than the end, I prefer to say it’s just time to change channels, and so that is what I am doing today.  When I started this blog I wanted to focus on the big trends of the day…mainly Cloud Computing, Big Data and Social Media.  While those things are all well and good, they have all kind of “grown up” if you will, and so like any TV show that is over, it’s time to change channels and watch something else.  So that is what is happening here…I’m changing channels.  Why? This last week has been a real eye-opener for me on a couple of fronts.  First of all, let me assure my readers that Linux and Open Source are alive and well…and I think it is safe to say that is growing stronger by the day.  Secondly, these customers are looking at all of their vendors to support more “open” architectures and Open Source solutions.  So, that brings me back to my blog.  It’s time to change the channels and go back to my roots…Linux and Open Source, but I will do it from the perspective of the Enterprise, and I’ll feature discussions on what Dell is doing in this arena, and some other tidbits I get from my customers that I think you’ll find interesting.

I want to make sure you all understand that this is MY blog.  Dell does not pay me to write it and as such, the opinions expressed here are my own.  MOST of the time I will talk about how Dell solutions and Open Source are working together, but there will be times when I’ll talk about a piece of Open Source software that we don’t recommend or endorse at Dell…but that I have customers using, and what it is doing for them.

Believe it or not, this is an exciting time in the Open Source world, perhaps more now than in years past because of solutions like OpenStack (where big companies are contributing code and resources) and Hadoop.  Proprietary software…IN MY OPINION, may be on its way out the door.  That does not mean the end of Windows or Oracle.  It does not mean the iPhone is dead (though Andriod sure is attractive to a lot of people because it is open) but it does mean that people (consumers and companies) are open to the idea of Open Source and Open Standards.  The future is open…and that is where this blog is headed!

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