TWiT – Technology Shows for Geeks and Non-Geek Alike

If you are like me you are always on the go, and don’t necessarily have time to catch up on all things tech that you want to for work of for pleasure.  I remember the days of going through Linux World, Linux Journal and any number of other monthly magazines as well as living on Slashdot and Valleywag (when it was focused on Silicon Valley Tech rumors, etc).  But times have changed, and perhaps my getting older hasn’t helped, but with my schedule, the idea of reading something tech related after I have spent all day working on things tech related just doesn’t work for me.  Thank goodness for Leo LaPorte and the TWiT Network.  Leo and his staff do all of the work for you and bring it to you in a nice video format (also available in podcast) that you can view or listen to anywhere.  The best part…you’ll probably actually look forward to watching!

Who is Leo Laporte?  Here is the condensed version from his website:

“I’ve been doing technology-oriented talk radio longer than anyone currently on the air. I created the format in 1990 when I hosted a show on KNBR in San Francisco with well-known columnist John C. Dvorak. I’ve been doing tech talk on the radio ever since on KNBR, KSFO, KGO, and KFI. In February 2007 my show was syndicated by the Premiere Radio Networks.

In 1994 I started answering computer questions on TV and my shows Call for Help and The Screen Savers aired for six years on ZDTV and later TechTV. I no longer work on broadcast television, but I do nearly 30 hours a week of Internet video at You can read my full bio on my personal web site:”

I first met Leo when he was at one of the Linux World Expo’s that I would work, and then over time I lost track of the work he was doing, mainly because I was never home to watch TechTV.  But later I learned he was on the radio with a program called “The Tech Guy”, which is a show for people to call in and get help on anything…Windows, Linux, Mac…you name it, he has a resource for it.  I listened on the weekends as it was on my local radio (it was the only show that made weekend talk radio not suck) but then I began spending some time on his website, and as his network grew, so did the number of shows, and the variety.  Today if you go to TWiT.TV and click on “Shows” you’ll see there are twenty-five active shows…and you can view past shows as well right from the website or through iTunes.  It also lists when the show is live and, if it is a call-in show, they give you the number, or you can always use Skype.

While there is something there for everyone, I’d recommend three shows in particular to those of you reading this who are int the IT field and in particular the Enterprise space and the Open Source space:

This Week in Enterprise Tech  is hosted by Father Robert Ballecer, or as he likes to be called “Friar Tech”.  Yes…he’s actually a Catholic Priest, but he knows what he’s talking about, and his guests are top-notch and very respected professionals in their field.  Check out his Google+ page and you’ll see he’s also one of the people behind and the Center for Apolostolic Technology at the University Catholic Center in Hawaii.

Floss Weekly – is hosted by Randal Schwartz and his cast of rotating experts on everything Open Source, including a show on July 25th on Chef (which, as it happens, is what Dell’s Crowbar Utility is based on).  But if it is Linux and Open Source, you’ll find it there.  It’s one of my favorite shows.

There are then a few shows I recommend for good information that you can watch, but I think you’ll discover that if you have an iPad, you’ll love “iPad Today” (Leo LaPorte & Sarah Lane).  If you’re an Andriod fan you’ll enjoy “All About Andriod” with Jason Howell, Eileen Rivera, Ron Richards and others.  The list of show topics is impressive.  Check it out at and see what you’ve been missing.  I think you’ll be glad you did.

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