Test Drive Dell Cloud and Big Data Solutions on October 18th in Herndon, VA

WE WANT YOU! That’s right, we want you to come see the new Dell Solution Center that recently opened in Herndon, VA. We will be focuing on some special solutions on October 18th, and we want you to be there. Dell and Intel will be showcasing the new Dell | Intel Cloud Acceleration Program.

The Dell™ OpenStack™-Powered Cloud Solution, the Dell Cloud Solution for Web Applications and the Dell Apache® Hadoop® Solution can help your organization quickly and easily launch new cloud services, and turn massive amounts of data into a competitive advantage.              

Dell has teamed with Intel® to accelerate cloud adoption by providing hands-on, state of the art technology for customer demos and proofs of concept. Quickly build a scale-out cloud or cluster with right-sized performance, efficiency and flexibility so you can offer new cloud-based IT services to internal or external customers.

Join us for an opening reception and see how you can test before you invest.

  • Minimize your risk: Find out how your applications work with these cloud and big data solutions.
  • Justify the expense: See how much time and money you can save with a Dell cloud or big data solution.

Shorten time to deployment: Try the open source Crowbar software framework for deployment and ongoing maintenance and management of your clouds and clusters.

When people think about standing up a Cloud or Hadoop environment, they often think “this is gonna take a while”, and when you look at everything else that your IT team has to do, it can become a daunting task. No more! Stand up an OpenStack cloud in hours instead of days with th Dell OpenStack-Powered Cloud Solution. This massively scalable open source Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud solution leverages OpenStack cloud software on Dell PowerEdge™ C servers, Dell networking technologies, Crowbar software framework, and Dell Services and support. It’s open, compatible with other systems, and gives you the freedom to build the cloud of your dreams.

Leverage Apache Hadoop to process massive amounts of different data types. The Dell | Cloudera® Solution combines Dell PowerEdge C servers, Dell networking technologies, and the Crowbar software framework with Cloudera’s Distribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH). It comes with a reference architecture, management tools, training, technology support, and professional services. This Dell Apache Hadoop Solution provides a one-stop shop for deploying, managing, and scaling a Hadoop cluster.

Take the guesswork out of building and running efficient public and private clouds with the Dell Cloud Solution for Web Applications. This turnkey cloud solution brings together optimized Dell hardware, Joyent® software, and joint services, so you can easily and quickly deploy and manage an elastic, on-demand cloud infrastructure with confidence, with as little or as much outside support as you want along the way.

Test before you invest by getting in the driver’s seat at a Dell Solution Center. Solution Centers offer unprecedented resources to help you effectively make purchasing and implementation decisions, and improve total cost of ownership. This network of technical centers around the globe provides access to Dell technology in a dedicated, hands-on environment equipped with state-of-the-art labs and teams of solution experts. Our solution center experts are available to collaborate with you on solving IT issues such as rapidly scaling while keeping costs low. They can also share methods to increase efficiency at the server, rack and data center levels, and provide best practices for cloud and cluster designs. The combination of dedicated labs, expert teams, and leading infrastructure are waiting on the sidelines. Talk with solution architects, see the technologies in action, and get hands-on knowledge of Dell solutions. And via a remote infrastructure, you can take the wheel.

Dell Solution Centers host executive and technical briefings, collaborative white boarding sessions, introductory or in-depth demos, solution reference architectures, proof-of-concepts and prototyping. When and if you’re ready, Dell’s award-winning services team also offers cloud workshops, assessment, design and implementation services.

Dell’s partnerships including relationships with industry-leading independent software vendors (ISVs) and systems integrators further provide value by offering customers 360 degree views of their IT projects – from planning to testing to deploying.

To test drive one of our cloud or big data solutions, talk to your Dell representative. Dell sales team members can help schedule blocks of time up to two weeks on large-scale clusters, and can help arrange for in-person and/or secure VPN access.

If you are interested in attending this event on October 18th in the Dell Solution Center in Herndon, VA, please contact your Dell Account Executive today for more information!

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