Be A Good Business Partner

handshakeCall me old fashioned, but when you tell me you want to work with me for mutual success, I assume that means that we both put skin in the game.  It means I commit to you that I will bring you to the table when appropriate, and I will help you by pushing your products when I can.  Not that I need (or want) twenty different business / technology partners, but I want more than one…and if I tell you I am going to lead with you because I have a great feeling about what you offer, then I will. The only thing I expect…help me help you. Don’t be cheap.  Don’t “throw me a bone” when you tell me you need me.  Don’t hold my feet to the fire when you want something sold if you are not willing to invest in me.  Don’t make excuses.  Just execute.  Be a partner, and give me what I need to be successful with you and your technology. If you can’t do that, then you can’t expect me to continue to push your products. I have other ways to get things done, and I will use them.

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