Cloud Expo 2013 – Get yourself to Santa Clara…you won’t be sorry!

ImageTech shows can be a lot of thing. Some are just plain ole fun. Some are boring as hell but educational. Others was a combination of all of it. Cloud Expo…get your seatbelt on and tighten it up. It’s fun, educational and a worth every penny if you can make it. In my opinion it is one of the best tech shows you can attend. It’ like Linux World used to be…only better.Cloud Expo does not have fifty versions of Tux the penguin running around. But it does have all the excitement of what Linux World used to have. It’s got that “buzz” in the air of what is possible. I went to the 2012 NYC Cloud Expo in NYC when I was with Dell, and for the entire week I didn’t stop talking to customers. These were not “tire kickers” but rather people that had a real, vested interest in Cloud Computing and how it would impact their business…one way or another. Sure…they were a few people there looking for work (which is exactly what I would do to find a job in Cloud) and there were a lot of good eats and drinks along the way.

The thing that makes Cloud Expo worth attending besides the parties, the swag (which DOES exist at Cloud Expo) and the booth activity (excellent content with few companies resorting to “booth babes”) are the break-out sessions that go on, and the tremendous keynotes. Because I want to make this a post you’ll get to the bottom of, I won’t list all of the sessions, but they are ALL sessions that I would want to attend if I could spread myself thin enough to do so. Same thing with the featured speakers.

  • Day One keynote will be Dr. Daniel Sabbah, CTO and General Manager, Next Generation Platform, at IBM Corp.
  • Day Two keynote speaker will be Lisa Larson is the Vice President of Enterprise Cloud Solutions for Rackspace.
  • Day Three keynote speaker will be Rob Crooke, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) Solutions Group at Intel Corp.
  • Day Four keynote speaker will be Sheng Liang is CTO Cloud Platforms Group, Citrix Systems.

Breakout Sessions – Simply put, there are a LOT of them, so you can find the complete listing HERE.

Now…if you make it to the Cloud Expo 2013 in Santa Clara, I want to encourage you to take a few side trips (for fun) since you’re in the beautiful San Francisco Bay area…my home away from home.

  • Santa Cruz and the Skyline Drive (Santa Cruz for your “hippie fix” and Skyline Drive for an amazingly beautiful drive
  • Alcatraz – Make your reservations EARLY. This is a VERY popular tour, but worth every penny
  • “The View” Lounge on the 39th Floor of the Marriott, San Francisco

Well, that’s it for this posting. I am excited for Cloud Expo 2013 and hope to run into you there. If you see me, stop me and say hi! I will be the balding guy with a goatee.

2 thoughts on “Cloud Expo 2013 – Get yourself to Santa Clara…you won’t be sorry!”

    1. Everything depends on the job situation. Not sure where I will be or what I will be doing then. However, it is very likely I will come out, even if I do it on my own dime.

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