Back in the Saddle at Nutanix

San-Jose-California-1_photoGood Morning from beautiful San Jose, CA. This is home to some of the most innovative companies in the world, including Nutanix, my new home. Over the next few posts I’ll be sharing more about Nutanix from a slightly different approach, because there are plenty of tech blogs. What I will be sharing with you will be more from a culture standpoint as it relates to innovation and business, and why after all these years, Silicon Valley still manages to attract the best and the brightest.

I am writing this fresh off of the Citrix Synergy show in Orlando where Nutanix, a five year old “start-up” took “Best in Cloud Computing” and overall “Best of Show”. How is that possible? When you think about off of the factors that went into winning those awards and who were were up against…companies with a very large war chest (EMC, IBM, HP, etc) you have to sit back and ask “why”? The answer, I believe, is in the innovation process and the ability to be agile.

When I was at Synergy last week I met a guy who said to me “why would I trust my company to a start-up?” That is a good question, but easily answered. In the five years Nutanux has been around more than 1200 companies in 60 countries on 6 continents have trusted their company to us. CNBC ranks Nutanix at #44 on the Disruptor50 list, and in December of 2014, IDC stated that Nutanix owned 52% if the Hyperconverged marketshare. If you look at the “box” we are at the top right, and everyone else is behind us. So, why should you trust your company to a “start-up”? The question should really be, can you afford not to?

Dheeraj Pandey, Founder and CEO of Nutanix says is best I think. “What the iPhone did to music players, PCs, (video) cameras, GPS devices, voice recorders, etc., by converging them as software apps onto a single platform, Nutanix is doing that to single-purpose devices in the world of enterprise computing.”

I will be posting all week about different aspects of Nutanix, our technology, our market and our people. By the end of this series I hope you will be as excited about Nutanix as I am.

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