Now THAT is Easy

Teasyhis article is dedicated to the art of making things simple, and the good folks in Seattle at They have really tapped into desire of people to be as lazy as possible over the past two weeks has taken “easy” to a new level. I am talking about how easy they have made shopping, delivery and return on things bought on Now please don’t mistake with Amazon Web Services (Amazon’s Cloud known as AWS) because while is stupid simple, AWS is anything but.

I will admit that I have been in the air so much this past year that weeks are starting to run together. Three weeks ago I was in Thailand. Last week I was in New York. Today I am flying up to Raleigh for a short stint (home to Tampa again tonight) and then next week Salt Lake City. But not long ago there was an article about the first Amazon store that you want in, grab what you want from the shelf, and leave…all without paying because it just charges your credit card on the way out the door. Then yesterday I watch this video about Amazon’s now drone delivery that they are testing in the UK that gives same day delivery via unmanned drone to your home. Love it. And then last night I needed to return a pair of shoes that I had bought on Amazon because they were too big. The UPS store was not open, and I had a 6:00 am flight. No worries…Amazon Locker tot he rescue. Easy. East and Easy. Bravo Amazon….you crushed it the last two weeks.

One would think that Amazon, the master of easy shopping would take the idea of easy to another one of their businesses – Amazon Web Services, but alas, they do not. AWS is not easy. It’s brutally painful in terms of provisioning, networking and learning how to use AWS. Not everything it hard about AWS. I mean, they make it really easy to enter your credit card information and give them a lot of money really quickly, but that is just to make up for the difficulty in actually figuring out their pricing model for anything other than using a tiny Linux server for a few hours. And, just so I am not accused of being biased against AWS (because I am not…I actually like some of their offerings no matter how complicated the billing and provisioning is) when you look at most (not all) Cloud offerings, they are painful to figure out.

By this point you are wondering “where in the hell is this going” and to that I say “right to Nutanix”, and here is why. Amazon make shopping crazy simple. I no longer deal with Black Friday crowds. I can’t stand them. I’ll stick to online shopping. Why…it is easier. I have a choice. When it comes to your IT infrastructure, you have a choice. You can keep doing things the old way with cumbersome three-tier SAN’s or NAS, or you can hit the “easy button” and have your own Cloud, in your data center, with simple set up and provisioning that allows you to scale-up in a matter of minutes without the pain of the pocket book hitting you. How easy is it to set up? I can stand up a Nutanix Cluster in about an hour. I can expand that cluster in less than five minutes with three mouse clicks) and I can learn everything needed to run the platform in about an hour. Think about how easy it is to upgrade your iPhone or your Android device. It’s done at the tap of a screen (or two if your phone freezes up like mine does).

I used to love things that we complicated. Heck, at one point I even had my kids running Pine as their email application that was attached to my own Sendmail server running at my house on Debian Linux. Before being merciful to my wife and moving her to a Mac (best move EVER) she ran Xandros Linux. The IT world in my house was sexy. OK…not really. It was functional. While I am capable of maintaining something that is functional, I have opted for the easy route. Our family is all Apple. iPhones, Macs, Apple TV, you name it, we use it. If it is not Apple it better have an app that runs on Apple or it does not come into my house. But that is my house. What about the Enterprise? When you look at most Enterprises now they don’t have the time for functional. They need the best solution, right now, and they don’t want to have to take a class before they can start using it. They also want choices, because what was the standard (VMware) is no longer the only game in town, and while it’s great technology, more and more companies are asking themselves if they really need to use VMware because the cost of so prohibitive to many organizations. If that’s you, or you want to look at alternatives that will allow you to free up financial resources, check out the Nutanix Hypervisor knows as Acropolis.

Talk about easy, Acropolis is it. No SCVMM to manage. No expensive vCenter. None of that. With Acropolis you create and manage VM’s and networking inside of standard Prism interface. Want to know how much time you have before you run out of compute, storage or memory? Don’t wonder…just bring up the Runways feature in Prism Central and *poof* you have your answer…and recommendations on how to extend that time.

Life does not have to be hard. It’s all about the decisions you make. The decision to move toward a Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure is a decision. Don’t believe me…really. Believe our customers. They won’t lie. Make 2017 the year you say goodbye to functional and hello to easy.

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