Amazon S3 Breaks the Internet

Image courtesy of The Inquisitr

The headline says all that needs to be said…the Amazon S3 outage broke the Internet yesterday. The headlines were all over the place, but none of the stories were good. One of them was particularly harsh pointing at how the outage showed how poor the DR strategy is for many companies who went down as a result of the outage. I could not agree more. Might I suggest that if you were impacted by the Amazon outage you should consider Nutanix, and build your own Cloud internally. 


If we are honest with ourselves we have to acknowledge that Amazon has changed the way companies look at IT. But that is no different than how companies viewed the Storage Area Network and Network Attached Storage technology trend, which is not universally recognized as legacy technology. The Cloud is not legacy…not at all, but when the Cloud keeps you from doing business, that’s a problem, and it is avoidable.

There has been a trend over the past couple of years of companies saying “we want the functionality of the Cloud, we just don’t want the vulnerability that comes along with someone else hosting everything.” Netflix, Dropbox and many others have decided that being in the AWS Cloud just isn’t for them. There are a lot of reasons that companies are leaving. Cost is a big part of that because running in the Cloud can in many times cost you more than having things in-house. In 2012, Forbes asked the question about Cloud costs. In 2015, Information Week talked about the ten hidden costs. In general though, Cloud is NOT cheaper than owning your own infrastructure, and as AWS has demonstrated with the 2015 and 2017 outages, the Public Cloud can cost you in more than one way.

I came to Nutanix for a few reasons, but bringing the benefits of the Cloud in-house without having to rely on an infrastructure being bullet-proof that they didn’t build in the first place was key. I love the concept of the Cloud, but being a bit of a control freak, the idea that I would put my business on an infrastructure that I had literally ZERO control of…not a big fan of that. Not that Managed Service Providers don’t have their place, because they absolutely do, but when one company takes down a large chunk of the Internet and causes countless sites to become inoperable, that does not sit well with me as an IT architect who takes your business reliability as seriously as you do.

With a Nutanix-based infrastructure, your organization can have complete control of your environment while enjoying everything that you love about AWS. If you use EC2 (Elastic Compute), Nutanix offers you the ability to use our own KVM-based hypervisor called Acropolis (AHV),VMware, Hyper-V or XenServer. If you use EBS (Elastic Block Storage) you’ll love ABS (Acropolis Block Services) from Nutanix. Do you use EFS (Elastic File Services)? Then look at AFS (Acropolis File Services). If you are using ECS (Elastic Container Service) then look at ACS (Acropolis Container Service) from Nutanix. Do you want choices in hardware? With Nutanix you can run our Enterprise Cloud on appliances from Lenovo, Dell, Nutanix and on select UCS hardware from our friends at Cisco.

At Nutanix we believe that the Cloud should be invisible and it should just work. We believe it should be reliable. We believe it should be as simple to manage as your smart phone, thus we give you a simple, single management interface. We believe you should have choices, so you can pick your hypervisor and your hardware vendor. We believe you should be resilient, so we architect our clusters to have the same redundancy as a SAN, but using software, not excessive hardware, to get it done. We believe you should have ALL of the functionality of the SAN without any of the complexity or scalability issues.

What can Nutanix do for you? Visit us at and take a test-drive. Schedule a product demo and let’s figure this thing out together. Outages should not be accepted as a cost of doing business. Let us help you get there.

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