My First Year in a “Start-Up”

One YearWell, I survived my first year at Nutanix, and while we are not really a “start-up” any more, I have certainly learned a lot about myself, and about what hard work in the world of a Silicon Valley Pre-IPO company really looks like. It isn’t anything like what I expected, and I am not sure anything I could have done to prepare would have properly prepared me for the past year.  Continue reading “My First Year in a “Start-Up””

What makes a technologist tick?

TechnologyThis posting is long over due. While it has been percolating in my head for months, I was trying to figure out the time when it would be appropriate for me to write it. That date and time came at precisely 2:30 pm on February 24th, 2014. I’ll explain the significance of that in another posting in a few weeks. But suffice it to say, I think it is time to address something that is near and dear to my heart. There are two things that make a technologist tick; great technology, and being respected for what you do. The question is, how do you leverage it? Continue reading “What makes a technologist tick?”

Friendships, Facebook and Work

Friends_ForeverThis is another one of my “from the heart” postings because I have experienced this one first hand in the last couple of years, a couple of times, and I’m sorta over the consequences of going to work with a friend, and being Facebook friends with coworkers. I can already hear it, “well DUH…” but hear me out, because nearly EVERYONE I know who is on Facebook has coworkers as their friends, and more than one person I know has gone to work with or for a friend and it generally ends very badly for both of them. Continue reading “Friendships, Facebook and Work”

Don’t Blow The Interview!!

ImageMy posting today is inspired by one thing…not blowing the interview for your dream job. I recently interviewed a friend of mine named Ralph (remember the movie Risky Business…Ralph was not his real name. It was Joel, and he owed Lana $200.00. But I digress). “Ralph” recently interviewed with a company that he really wanted to work for…and he was a great candidate. There was only one problem…he blew the interview, and it was 110% avoidable. Ralph shares his experience with me in the hopes that you’ll not make the same mistakes he made. **I am not using Ralph’s real name because I know that there are people at his current company that read my blog, and I want to make sure he still has a job.** Continue reading “Don’t Blow The Interview!!”

Relationship with the Boss

OfficeSpaceThis is a posting that I started back in January of 2013 but didn’t quite get to finish because things at work were heating up and the time I had to put my thoughts down just got less and less. Unlike my technical postings which I generally spend time researching and then writing, this one was really meant to be written “from the heart”. In my years working the in the military and post military, as well as things learned through my MBA program (and then practiced in real life) I have observed some things that I think are exceptionally important in the boss / employee relationship dynamic. The past couple of months though challenged everything I thought was right, and as such I felt the need to share my experiences with you. Just fair warning…this posting will be a little longer than normal. Continue reading “Relationship with the Boss”