Chromebook…gateway to what the Cloud should be

Image courtesy of Google

I am writing this post today quite by accident.  What I expected the post to say was “Dell XPS 13 with Ubuntu…this does not suck” but when I looked at the money I had to spend and what I was going to actually use the system for, I could not justify the cost of the system I really wanted.  I had my heart set on the Dell XPS 13 with Ubuntu, or what my friend Barton George of Dell created “Project Sputnik“. As I am not a developer and as I pretty much live in the Cloud now, I am really glad I didn’t spend the money.  The gamble on the Samsung version of the Google Chromebook…worth every penny.
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Is the iCloud using AWS and Azure? So what if it is…

While doing some of my early morning reading today I stumbled across an article on that reported that people have been watching HTTP traffic and it appears that Amazon AWS and Microsoft’s Azure Cloud were being used in some way to support the iCloud data center in North Carolina.  (See full article here).  I don’t know if Apple is using these other Cloud service providers or not.  What I will say is…who cares?  Let me explain why before the Macista’s out there filet me for defending this in the event that it turns out to be true, because there are a LOT of news stories out there calling this a HUGE black eye and embarrassment for Apple.  With all due respect, I disagree. Continue reading “Is the iCloud using AWS and Azure? So what if it is…”

It’s ALL in the Cloud Now…

It was only inevitable I suppose, that finally, after months of planning, evaluating and kicking it around that I finally made the move to the Cloud for my personal things.  All of my pictures, videos, documents, etc. etc. is ALL in the Cloud now.   What about my personal servers here at home?  Gone…I am officially serverless, and for the first time in my IT career, I don’t have a room full of stuff.  How does it feel?  Pretty good actually. Continue reading “It’s ALL in the Cloud Now…”

Use the Cloud to Protect Your Family

One of the things we parents worry about, but generally don’t do anything about, is the total filtering of the content that comes into our home over the Internet.  Sure…we talk about it and we do things like put the family computer in the living room or kitchen where everyone can see what is going on, but in reality, that isn’t enough.  There are also parental control on the various operating systems, but again, that is an incomplete solution.  The last resort for many is to move to an ISP (Internet Service Provider) that does the content filtering for you based on THEIR standards.  What happens if you need something that they consider objectionable?  Continue reading “Use the Cloud to Protect Your Family”