Lawsuits in the Cloud

**Disclaimer – This post represents my own opinion, and does not necessarily reflect that of my employer, Dell, Inc.  nor should it be considered as such.  I am also not a lawyer, nor do I have any legal training, though I have stayed in a Holiday Inn Express before**

So I wake up this morning and go to (one of my favorite sources for tech news) and what do I discover?  Another lawsuit against a Cloud-based technology.  Specifically, Google Drive and Google Docs.  While this certainly isn’t something new…a lawsuit on a successful company with a hot product (remembering the lawsuits against Facebook by those claiming that Mark Zuckerberg stole their idea, or the never-ending SCO lawsuit against IBM over Linux…and the claim that they actually owned Linux) for a technology that people seem to be pretty happy with.  It there any merit to this lawsuit?  I have no clue, but let me explain what the lawsuit is about, then I’ll give my opinion…which I know you are dying to hear. Continue reading “Lawsuits in the Cloud”

Dell’s Crowbar utility…from the customer’s point of view

I often tell customers when they want something such as a new product feature, or if they have something they don’t like, please let me know…and please be specific.  It means more when it comes from a customer than when it comes from an internal guy.  In this case, I want to allow Ben Cherian, General Manager, Emerging Technology at DreamHost to talk about their experience with Dell’s Crowbar utility as they deployed their Cloud-based Storage solution, and their involvement with Dell’s Data Center Solutions in general. Continue reading “Dell’s Crowbar utility…from the customer’s point of view”

SolidFire Delivers SSD-Based Cloud Storage Platform

As more companies adopt Cloud Computing for some or part of their IT infrastructure, one of the issues that many are concerned about is performance.  You don’t have to look very far to understand that this has been an issue in some cases and continues to be a concern for many.  That concern, however, is about to disappear, thanks to SolidFire and their SSD storage platform that can deliver an amazing amount of IOPS.  The product is designed for Cloud providers to provide exceptionally fast performance to their customers while reducing their storage footprint. Continue reading “SolidFire Delivers SSD-Based Cloud Storage Platform”

Is the iCloud using AWS and Azure? So what if it is…

While doing some of my early morning reading today I stumbled across an article on that reported that people have been watching HTTP traffic and it appears that Amazon AWS and Microsoft’s Azure Cloud were being used in some way to support the iCloud data center in North Carolina.  (See full article here).  I don’t know if Apple is using these other Cloud service providers or not.  What I will say is…who cares?  Let me explain why before the Macista’s out there filet me for defending this in the event that it turns out to be true, because there are a LOT of news stories out there calling this a HUGE black eye and embarrassment for Apple.  With all due respect, I disagree. Continue reading “Is the iCloud using AWS and Azure? So what if it is…”

Cloud Computing and the Entertainment Industry

Recent weeks have seen the words “Cloud Computing” and “Entertainment Industry” merge into one thanks to companies such as Amazon, Apple, NetFlix, etc.  touting their abilities to deliver entertainment via the Cloud.  Companies such as Savtira Corporation offer them a platform to deliver it if they don’t have in-house.  It was a race to get there…and now that we are there, we discover that the race is only beginning.  Those of us who provide Cloud technologies know that this is nothing new, but to the general public, the word “Cloud” means something new.  For the purposes of level-setting, let me define Cloud computing a bit for those who don’t understand fully what it is. Continue reading “Cloud Computing and the Entertainment Industry”

Introducing the Dell Cloud

Last week was a VERY busy week for Dell, with one of the key announcements coming from Dell’s President of Services, Steve Schuckenbrock, that over the next twenty-four months Dell will invest one billion dollars (give or take) to build a global Cloud Computing infrastructure with ten data centers.

The Cloud data centers will be located in key places throughout the world.  To begin with, Dell up upgrade existing data centers in Austin, Limerick and Frankfurt, and then open additional data centers in opened this year in the Americas (Washington DC, Chicago, Northern California and Brazil), APJ (Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney) and EMEA (Paris). Continue reading “Introducing the Dell Cloud”

Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Cloud Computing

This past few days we have seen yet another example how with all of the technological advances we have made, we are not immune to mother nature and the forces that we must contend with on the earth every day.  Japan was my home for two years, and my thoughts and prayers go out to the people who were effected by this tragedy.  Like it or not, the Pacific Rim and other areas of the world are prone to incidents like this.  Life and Business need to be able to go on even when things like this happen.  I was reading the other day and came across this article that tell us that the “Tokyo Quake puts data centers, Cloud services at risk“.  There was then this article more or less echoing the article with a bit more detail.  With all due respect while the events that took place were devastating and will impact the area for years, or potentially thousands of years if the nuclear issues can’t be addressed, these events should have little impact on business, and here is why I say that (hear me out on this). Continue reading “Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Cloud Computing”