OpenStack Essex Deploy Day is Coming!

Mark your calendars, because May 31st is going to be a significant day in the life of OpenStack and the Dell Crowbar utility as Dell, Nicira, OpsCode, Rackspace, EnStratus, Orbital Software Solutions and others, will be standing by to assist you with your deployment of Essex using Crowbar on OpenStack Essex Deploy Day.  You’ll note I said “and others”…because we are looking for more volunteers to be available to work people as they deploy Essex in their environment.  Not only will there be online help available, but there are also two physical locations that will be open for you in Austin, TX and Boston, MA. Continue reading “OpenStack Essex Deploy Day is Coming!”

Open Source Alive and Well at Dell

Image courtesy of MIT

I will admit it…I don’t understand Wall Street sometimes. No…make that most of the time.  They see Dell as a PC maker (which, of course, we are) but we are so much more than that.  Take for example two of our special initiatives with Hadoop and OpenStack, courtesy of the Data Center Solutions team.

Let’s also not forget the companies that have joined the Dell family in the past few years such as Equallogic, Compellent, Force10, AppAssure, Boomi and a host of others.  Then you look at our acquisition of Perot Systems (now called Dell Services) and the recent addition of Mr. John Swainson as the President of Dell Software.  Yes…I left a few things out, but I can’t forget one of our most important things…the Dell Crowbar utility that was written and released into Open Source by Dell.  Combine all of that with relationships with Red Hat, Canonical and SUSE…Open Source is alive and well at Dell, and I, for one, could not be happier. Continue reading “Open Source Alive and Well at Dell”

Dell’s Crowbar utility…from the customer’s point of view

I often tell customers when they want something such as a new product feature, or if they have something they don’t like, please let me know…and please be specific.  It means more when it comes from a customer than when it comes from an internal guy.  In this case, I want to allow Ben Cherian, General Manager, Emerging Technology at DreamHost to talk about their experience with Dell’s Crowbar utility as they deployed their Cloud-based Storage solution, and their involvement with Dell’s Data Center Solutions in general. Continue reading “Dell’s Crowbar utility…from the customer’s point of view”

The Year In Review…

I need to first apologize to my readers…it’s been several weeks since I wrote anything.  I had some personal business to attend to that kept me away from writing, and in that time, so much has happened…I don’t know where to start.  So rather than figure that out, I’d like to look back at some of the biggest stories of the year in terms of how the Cloud evolution started the year, and how it ended the year.  No…it isn’t a timeline approach and I am sure I’ll miss something as there was SO much that changed this year in Cloud.  But an exciting year it was, and an exciting year it will be in 2012.  At least until we all die on December 21st. Continue reading “The Year In Review…”

Hadoop World Day 1

I have been to a lot of trade shows in twenty years in IT, but I have never been to one that actually sold out. Not until today. Hadoop World 2011 started off with a bang and kept going all through the afternoon and into the evening. From the kickoff Keynote by Mike Olson, Cloudera CEO to the Networking Reception sponsored by Dell. Continue reading “Hadoop World Day 1”