The Year In Review…

I need to first apologize to my readers…it’s been several weeks since I wrote anything.  I had some personal business to attend to that kept me away from writing, and in that time, so much has happened…I don’t know where to start.  So rather than figure that out, I’d like to look back at some of the biggest stories of the year in terms of how the Cloud evolution started the year, and how it ended the year.  No…it isn’t a timeline approach and I am sure I’ll miss something as there was SO much that changed this year in Cloud.  But an exciting year it was, and an exciting year it will be in 2012.  At least until we all die on December 21st. Continue reading “The Year In Review…”

Facebook’s Open Compute Day…

Last week was one of the biggest days in IT as Facebook “lifted the veil” surrounding its data centers and reaching efficiencies that should make everyone’s head turn.  The Open Compute announcement dominated the media for two full days last week, and I am still reading about it now on various news outlets.  Continue reading “Facebook’s Open Compute Day…”

Make way for the Microserver

This past week at the 2011 World Hosting Days in Rust, Germany, Dell Data Center Solutions announced its latest additions to the PowerEdge C family, the c5125 and c5220.  While these servers were built specifically for hosting companies, the appeal is much broader with support for Linux and Windows to run natively on each of the servers as well as various hypervisors.  If you consider you can get up to twelve servers in 3u, use 1/6th of the fans and drastically less power that you would for twelve 1u servers while shrinking your rack footprint by 75%, that is a compelling story. Continue reading “Make way for the Microserver”

Cost of Acquisition vs. Total Cost of Ownership

One of the things that companies often face when deploying new technologies are the costs involved.  Many times they have to decide which is more important to them; the cost of acquisition or the total cost of ownership.  When considering Cloud, Hyperscale and High Performance Computing technologies, the stakes can get considerably higher.

With such a wide range of choices out there on the market, you have to make a series of choices that will impact the way you operate and how much it will cost you over time.  The temptation that many companies have is to go with the cheapest solution they can, but in the end, they find out how much that cheap solution costs them much more. Continue reading “Cost of Acquisition vs. Total Cost of Ownership”