Is Open Source Still Relevant?

open-source-logoThe other day I was in Toronto, Canada’s Pearson Airport after a long trip from Israel. I was enjoying a cold drink when I overheard a couple of guys talking tech. My ears perked up, because the words, Linux and Open Source were used in the same sentence. Cool…but then one guy said “Sure, but does Open Source really matter any more?” That got me thinking. Continue reading “Is Open Source Still Relevant?”

Happy 21st Birthday Linux (August 25th)

When I look back on my IT career which started in September of 1991 I was pulled into the wonderful world of SunOS (which later became Solaris for you Windows folks).  I loved SunOS because of what I could do with it.  It was a workhorse, and it just worked.  Granted, it required the Sparc processor and other such hardware from Sun, but I didn’t care…it did what I needed it to do as an administrator.  But wow…was that Sun hardware expensive!  That’s ok though, I was in the Navy, and it wasn’t like I had a choice in the matter.  Then one day I was reading something about this guy in Helsinki working on some sort of project…some free operating system that sort of worked and resembled Unix.  Then on August 25th, 1991 came the email that would change my life… Continue reading “Happy 21st Birthday Linux (August 25th)”

Changing channels…sort of

There comes a time when all good things must come to an end…my blog is no exception.  But rather than the end, I prefer to say it’s just time to change channels, and so that is what I am doing today.  When I started this blog I wanted to focus on the big trends of the day…mainly Cloud Computing, Big Data and Social Media.  While those things are all well and good, they have all kind of “grown up” if you will, and so like any TV show that is over, it’s time to change channels and watch something else.  So that is what is happening here…I’m changing channels.  Why? Continue reading “Changing channels…sort of”

Lawsuits in the Cloud

**Disclaimer – This post represents my own opinion, and does not necessarily reflect that of my employer, Dell, Inc.  nor should it be considered as such.  I am also not a lawyer, nor do I have any legal training, though I have stayed in a Holiday Inn Express before**

So I wake up this morning and go to (one of my favorite sources for tech news) and what do I discover?  Another lawsuit against a Cloud-based technology.  Specifically, Google Drive and Google Docs.  While this certainly isn’t something new…a lawsuit on a successful company with a hot product (remembering the lawsuits against Facebook by those claiming that Mark Zuckerberg stole their idea, or the never-ending SCO lawsuit against IBM over Linux…and the claim that they actually owned Linux) for a technology that people seem to be pretty happy with.  It there any merit to this lawsuit?  I have no clue, but let me explain what the lawsuit is about, then I’ll give my opinion…which I know you are dying to hear. Continue reading “Lawsuits in the Cloud”

Open Source Alive and Well at Dell

Image courtesy of MIT

I will admit it…I don’t understand Wall Street sometimes. No…make that most of the time.  They see Dell as a PC maker (which, of course, we are) but we are so much more than that.  Take for example two of our special initiatives with Hadoop and OpenStack, courtesy of the Data Center Solutions team.

Let’s also not forget the companies that have joined the Dell family in the past few years such as Equallogic, Compellent, Force10, AppAssure, Boomi and a host of others.  Then you look at our acquisition of Perot Systems (now called Dell Services) and the recent addition of Mr. John Swainson as the President of Dell Software.  Yes…I left a few things out, but I can’t forget one of our most important things…the Dell Crowbar utility that was written and released into Open Source by Dell.  Combine all of that with relationships with Red Hat, Canonical and SUSE…Open Source is alive and well at Dell, and I, for one, could not be happier. Continue reading “Open Source Alive and Well at Dell”

Hadoop and Storage Area Networks

I get asked frequently why one would not use a Storage Area Network (SAN) or Network Attached Storage (NAS) for Hadoop, so I thought I might take a moment and try to explain why you don’t need external storage of any type with Hadoop.  Hopefully this posting will help you become more comfortable with the capabilities of Hadoop’s native features and optional modules and demonstrate that a SAN or NAS may not be necessary for you.

First of all, let’s look at the types of things you get in an Enterprise-class SAN or NAS as it pertains to what you might want with a Hadoop infrastucture: Continue reading “Hadoop and Storage Area Networks”

The Year In Review…

I need to first apologize to my readers…it’s been several weeks since I wrote anything.  I had some personal business to attend to that kept me away from writing, and in that time, so much has happened…I don’t know where to start.  So rather than figure that out, I’d like to look back at some of the biggest stories of the year in terms of how the Cloud evolution started the year, and how it ended the year.  No…it isn’t a timeline approach and I am sure I’ll miss something as there was SO much that changed this year in Cloud.  But an exciting year it was, and an exciting year it will be in 2012.  At least until we all die on December 21st. Continue reading “The Year In Review…”