Cloud Computing and the Wheel

When you look at the advances in technology the changes in the past two years have been amazing.  The past six months alone have been truly revolutionary with the OpenCompute platform announcement from Facebook, the OpenStack announcement from Rackspace, Dell and others and of course, the new c5000 series and c6145 from Dell Data Center Solutions.  When it comes to turnkey Cloud solutions, the team at Dell Data Center Solutions also has full solutions around Cloud and Big Data with our offerings around Hadoop and Aster Data.  When you look at the opportunity to deploy on efficient hardware with a turnkey solution that is already ready for production (with room for you to add to it) the question then becomes why recreate the wheel?

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Introducing the Dell Cloud

Last week was a VERY busy week for Dell, with one of the key announcements coming from Dell’s President of Services, Steve Schuckenbrock, that over the next twenty-four months Dell will invest one billion dollars (give or take) to build a global Cloud Computing infrastructure with ten data centers.

The Cloud data centers will be located in key places throughout the world.  To begin with, Dell up upgrade existing data centers in Austin, Limerick and Frankfurt, and then open additional data centers in opened this year in the Americas (Washington DC, Chicago, Northern California and Brazil), APJ (Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney) and EMEA (Paris). Continue reading “Introducing the Dell Cloud”

Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Cloud Computing

This past few days we have seen yet another example how with all of the technological advances we have made, we are not immune to mother nature and the forces that we must contend with on the earth every day.  Japan was my home for two years, and my thoughts and prayers go out to the people who were effected by this tragedy.  Like it or not, the Pacific Rim and other areas of the world are prone to incidents like this.  Life and Business need to be able to go on even when things like this happen.  I was reading the other day and came across this article that tell us that the “Tokyo Quake puts data centers, Cloud services at risk“.  There was then this article more or less echoing the article with a bit more detail.  With all due respect while the events that took place were devastating and will impact the area for years, or potentially thousands of years if the nuclear issues can’t be addressed, these events should have little impact on business, and here is why I say that (hear me out on this). Continue reading “Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Cloud Computing”

Dell Cloud Solution for Web Applications

There is just no escaping the reality that the Cloud is here,and it’s impacting us at home and in the workplace.  The days of installed software (including the traditional OS), are numbered.  The Cloud is taking us to new and exciting places, and the Dell Cloud Solution for Web Applications allows companies to deliver IaaS and PaaS to their customers like never before.

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