ToonBox Entertainment’s c6100 Rendering Farm

One of the things that I really like about my job is when I am able to see the end result of months of working with one of my clients come together in a solution that solves business challenges and above all, makes them happy.  Such is the case with ToonBox Entertainment, a Toronto, Canada based 3D animation studio that decided to take their business to the next level and create a full-length feature production.  After months of meetings with their IT team and executives the ToonBox team decided to work with Dell Data Center Solutions to create a highly scalable rendering farm for their production which gave them the bandwidth to move at the speed they needed to with superior results.  The use of the Intel-powered Dell PowerEdge C6100 and the Dell Precision T5500 Workstations, ToonBox has, in their own words, gone from   “zero to mach speed in a very short period of time.” But don’t take my word for it…check out this short clip. Continue reading “ToonBox Entertainment’s c6100 Rendering Farm”

Facebook’s Open Compute Day…

Last week was one of the biggest days in IT as Facebook “lifted the veil” surrounding its data centers and reaching efficiencies that should make everyone’s head turn.  The Open Compute announcement dominated the media for two full days last week, and I am still reading about it now on various news outlets.  Continue reading “Facebook’s Open Compute Day…”

How Much Cooling do I Need?

One of the considerations when building any data center is the amount AC you are going to need (in tons) to keep your equipment properly cooled.  This is particularly important as we consider the densities that we are able to accomplish now with systems optimised for Cloud, Hyperscale and HPC environments.  Unless you are going to follow Facebook’s lead with the systems described this past week in the OpenCompute announcement, you’ll likely need some sort of additional cooling source.  Continue reading “How Much Cooling do I Need?”

Dell Data Center Solutions

I often laugh on the inside when people find out that I work for Dell because immediately they assume that I am a PC technician or something like that.  In reality, I am a PC user like most everyone else, and actually, I am a Linux guy.  It’s also funny when you read the Wall Street analyst reports that talk about PC sales and Dell is one of the companies they always mention.  What you don’t hear a lot about though is the Enterprise side of our business, including our Cloud, Hyperscale and High Performance Computing (HPC) teams.  At the most recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Dell Chairman and CEO Michael Dell sat down with Maria Bartiromo from CNBC for a very telling interview.  In short, Dell is about more than the PC. Continue reading “Dell Data Center Solutions”

Cost of Acquisition vs. Total Cost of Ownership

One of the things that companies often face when deploying new technologies are the costs involved.  Many times they have to decide which is more important to them; the cost of acquisition or the total cost of ownership.  When considering Cloud, Hyperscale and High Performance Computing technologies, the stakes can get considerably higher.

With such a wide range of choices out there on the market, you have to make a series of choices that will impact the way you operate and how much it will cost you over time.  The temptation that many companies have is to go with the cheapest solution they can, but in the end, they find out how much that cheap solution costs them much more. Continue reading “Cost of Acquisition vs. Total Cost of Ownership”