Mix & Match – Dell’s new c8000 changes ALL of the rules

I have something to confess.  Just when I think specialty server design can’t get any better or more interesting, I am proven wrong.  Even since Dell’s Data Center Solutions team was founded and kept coming up with more dense, more powerful, more efficient servers, I thought to myself that at some point we were going to get to a place where we just can’t do something so unique and so revolutionary that literally everyone you show it to says “wow…I really need one of those for <insert favorite application here>”…until now.  With the release today of the PowerEdge c8000 server, you can have your system any way you want it. Continue reading “Mix & Match – Dell’s new c8000 changes ALL of the rules”

Hadoop and Storage Area Networks

I get asked frequently why one would not use a Storage Area Network (SAN) or Network Attached Storage (NAS) for Hadoop, so I thought I might take a moment and try to explain why you don’t need external storage of any type with Hadoop.  Hopefully this posting will help you become more comfortable with the capabilities of Hadoop’s native features and optional modules and demonstrate that a SAN or NAS may not be necessary for you.

First of all, let’s look at the types of things you get in an Enterprise-class SAN or NAS as it pertains to what you might want with a Hadoop infrastucture: Continue reading “Hadoop and Storage Area Networks”

ToonBox Entertainment’s c6100 Rendering Farm

One of the things that I really like about my job is when I am able to see the end result of months of working with one of my clients come together in a solution that solves business challenges and above all, makes them happy.  Such is the case with ToonBox Entertainment, a Toronto, Canada based 3D animation studio that decided to take their business to the next level and create a full-length feature production.  After months of meetings with their IT team and executives the ToonBox team decided to work with Dell Data Center Solutions to create a highly scalable rendering farm for their production which gave them the bandwidth to move at the speed they needed to with superior results.  The use of the Intel-powered Dell PowerEdge C6100 and the Dell Precision T5500 Workstations, ToonBox has, in their own words, gone from   “zero to mach speed in a very short period of time.” But don’t take my word for it…check out this short clip. Continue reading “ToonBox Entertainment’s c6100 Rendering Farm”

Great Resources To Learn GPU and CUDA

There is no question about it.  GPU Computing is a popular topic right now.  All you you need to do is look at this graph from Google Trends and you’ll see how interest in this technology has jumped in the last year in the search volume index.

So you’ve heard about it, but you don’t know where to start when it comes to learning and understanding the technology. Continue reading “Great Resources To Learn GPU and CUDA”

Cloud Computing and the Entertainment Industry

Recent weeks have seen the words “Cloud Computing” and “Entertainment Industry” merge into one thanks to companies such as Amazon, Apple, NetFlix, etc.  touting their abilities to deliver entertainment via the Cloud.  Companies such as Savtira Corporation offer them a platform to deliver it if they don’t have in-house.  It was a race to get there…and now that we are there, we discover that the race is only beginning.  Those of us who provide Cloud technologies know that this is nothing new, but to the general public, the word “Cloud” means something new.  For the purposes of level-setting, let me define Cloud computing a bit for those who don’t understand fully what it is. Continue reading “Cloud Computing and the Entertainment Industry”

Dell Data Center Solutions

I often laugh on the inside when people find out that I work for Dell because immediately they assume that I am a PC technician or something like that.  In reality, I am a PC user like most everyone else, and actually, I am a Linux guy.  It’s also funny when you read the Wall Street analyst reports that talk about PC sales and Dell is one of the companies they always mention.  What you don’t hear a lot about though is the Enterprise side of our business, including our Cloud, Hyperscale and High Performance Computing (HPC) teams.  At the most recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Dell Chairman and CEO Michael Dell sat down with Maria Bartiromo from CNBC for a very telling interview.  In short, Dell is about more than the PC. Continue reading “Dell Data Center Solutions”

OpenStack’s Explosive Impact on Cloud Computing

I remember the day I started working in Linux and Open Source professionally.  I don’t have to tell most of you out there this, but we knew we were on to something.  We knew Linux and Open Source would really take the world by storm, though it might take longer than any of us would have liked.  Then one day it happened…Linux grew up.  Open Source was accepted in all levels of the Enterprise, and when Cloud Computing came on the scene we knew that Linux and Open Source would find a natural home there…and they did. Continue reading “OpenStack’s Explosive Impact on Cloud Computing”