Cloud Computing and the Wheel

When you look at the advances in technology the changes in the past two years have been amazing.  The past six months alone have been truly revolutionary with the OpenCompute platform announcement from Facebook, the OpenStack announcement from Rackspace, Dell and others and of course, the new c5000 series and c6145 from Dell Data Center Solutions.  When it comes to turnkey Cloud solutions, the team at Dell Data Center Solutions also has full solutions around Cloud and Big Data with our offerings around Hadoop and Aster Data.  When you look at the opportunity to deploy on efficient hardware with a turnkey solution that is already ready for production (with room for you to add to it) the question then becomes why recreate the wheel?

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Introducing the Dell Cloud

Last week was a VERY busy week for Dell, with one of the key announcements coming from Dell’s President of Services, Steve Schuckenbrock, that over the next twenty-four months Dell will invest one billion dollars (give or take) to build a global Cloud Computing infrastructure with ten data centers.

The Cloud data centers will be located in key places throughout the world.  To begin with, Dell up upgrade existing data centers in Austin, Limerick and Frankfurt, and then open additional data centers in opened this year in the Americas (Washington DC, Chicago, Northern California and Brazil), APJ (Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney) and EMEA (Paris). Continue reading “Introducing the Dell Cloud”

Cost of Acquisition vs. Total Cost of Ownership

One of the things that companies often face when deploying new technologies are the costs involved.  Many times they have to decide which is more important to them; the cost of acquisition or the total cost of ownership.  When considering Cloud, Hyperscale and High Performance Computing technologies, the stakes can get considerably higher.

With such a wide range of choices out there on the market, you have to make a series of choices that will impact the way you operate and how much it will cost you over time.  The temptation that many companies have is to go with the cheapest solution they can, but in the end, they find out how much that cheap solution costs them much more. Continue reading “Cost of Acquisition vs. Total Cost of Ownership”