The Power of Social Media

InternetThere are some posts that I write after taking notes, researching, interviewing and basically, spending hours so you have good content to read. This one is different. This one is my personal experience with the horror that is Verizon Frontier FiOS, my Twitter rant, BrightHouse Charter Networks reading the rant and coming to the rescue. This is my experience in moving from Frontier to Charter, complete via Twitter and with NOTHING lacking in the process. Continue reading “The Power of Social Media”

Social Media in the Workplace

In a February 22nd article on, Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst described Enterprise Social Networking tools as “garbage”.  With all due respect, I completely disagree with this statement, and his reasons for calling it such.  These are, of course, my opinions, but they come from someone who is not only active in the Social Media aspect of my company, but who has also seen Social Media take off inside of the company. Continue reading “Social Media in the Workplace”

Facebook, G+ and other Laments…

Before I get into this article, I need to reiterate that the opinion expressed in this article are mine, and mine alone.  They do not reflect the opinions of my employer (Dell) or anyone else. Now…on to the story.

I woke up this morning and all is well with the world.  Wife and kids sleeping peacefully, dog at the foot of the bed out like a light.  the birds outside singing their little hearts.  Not a sound in the house.  Just me, my iPhone, and about six-gazillion message waiting for me about how much the new Facebook “sucks”.  Because I was reading it on my phone I did not have a chance to see said suckage, so I responded this way; Continue reading “Facebook, G+ and other Laments…”