Cloud Expo 2013 – Get yourself to Santa Clara…you won’t be sorry!

ImageTech shows can be a lot of thing. Some are just plain ole fun. Some are boring as hell but educational. Others was a combination of all of it. Cloud Expo…get your seatbelt on and tighten it up. It’s fun, educational and a worth every penny if you can make it. In my opinion it is one of the best tech shows you can attend. It’ like Linux World used to be…only better. Continue reading “Cloud Expo 2013 – Get yourself to Santa Clara…you won’t be sorry!”

Hadoop World Day 1

I have been to a lot of trade shows in twenty years in IT, but I have never been to one that actually sold out. Not until today. Hadoop World 2011 started off with a bang and kept going all through the afternoon and into the evening. From the kickoff Keynote by Mike Olson, Cloudera CEO to the Networking Reception sponsored by Dell. Continue reading “Hadoop World Day 1”

This The Season…for Trade Shows!

The words strike fear into the hearts of countless IT professionals that work for the manufacturers of the world.  Two, three four or even five days of standing around and talking to people about the products we represent.  No…it isn’t the talking that scares people…it’s the standing!

I love trade shows because it gives you a chance to talk to your customers directly without a phone call or a knock on the conference room door getting in the way.  To celebrate the large number of shows coming up, I thought I’d mention a few that you might want to check out between now and the New Year. Continue reading “This The Season…for Trade Shows!”

Review of Data Center World Expo 2011

This past week I spent a couple of days at the Data Center World Expo in Orlando, FL. where people from all over the world descended upon the Marriott World Center for a week of technical goodness.  The conference had several tracks that attendees could chose from including Cloud Computing, Data Center Management, End User Case Studies, Facilities and Data Center Protection.  There was also the Expo that went on for a total of about six hours over two days.  It was clear that the theme in the hall was focused around power, cooling, cabling and efficiency. Continue reading “Review of Data Center World Expo 2011”

OSCON 2011 Week

Ever since I attended my first OSCON in 2005 I have wanted to go back every year because as a believer in Open Source technologies, OSCON is really a place where the “box” doesn’t exist…where you’ll never hear the words “we can’t do that” because Open Source is all about what CAN be done when you don’t have the restrictions of proprietary software. Continue reading “OSCON 2011 Week”

Shrinking the Supercomputer with GPU

This past November I was privileged to work the Dell booth at the Supercomputing Show in New Orleans where we were showcasing, among other things, our c410x PCI expansion chassis for GPU computing. I was amazed at the number of people that I spoke to over the course of a week, nearly non-stop about GPU computing and more specifically, the c410x and how they would be using it in their environments. Equally amazing was the sheer number of people that had “Dr.” in front of their name (I had to throw that in there for good measure). Many of these folks were hands-on users of Supercomputing technologies and all of them were “shopping” for their next Supercomputing system.
Continue reading “Shrinking the Supercomputer with GPU”

Are Trade Shows Still Relevant?

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was 2002 and after a year of trying to make a go of my own consulting company focusing on Linux and Open Source solutions, I took a position with CA, Inc. and began to work for their Linux and Open Source team (which no longer exists as Linux grew up) and I started working the Linux World shows in New York and San Francisco. Two of the best weeks of my professional career. From delivering speeches to dressing up as the Penguin (yes…I did that too) I got to do exactly what I loved; met and got to know a lot of really great people in the Linux and Open Source community (Linus Torvalds & Jon “Maddog” Hall) and of course, picked up a lot of really good Linux World swag from the vendors. But then as time went on, the shows began to quiet. The swag started to dry up and the question was asked by more than a few people; “are trade shows still relevant?” Continue reading “Are Trade Shows Still Relevant?”