Now THAT is Easy

Teasyhis article is dedicated to the art of making things simple, and the good folks in Seattle at They have really tapped into desire of people to be as lazy as possible over the past two weeks has taken “easy” to a new level. I am talking about how easy they have made shopping, delivery and return on things bought on Now please don’t mistake with Amazon Web Services (Amazon’s Cloud known as AWS) because while is stupid simple, AWS is anything but. Continue reading “Now THAT is Easy”

OpenStack – Free at Last!

In 1883 writer Robert Louis Stevenson wrote a book that has gone on to be a classic not only in print form but also on the big screen called “Treasure Island”.  If you have not read it, do…it’s a great book, even if you are an adult.  But there is one line in the book that rings so true for today.  Stevenson’s character, Long John Silver is arguing with the pirates about a mutiny, but as they have no Captain, Silver points out the problem; “We can steer a course, but who’s to set one?. Over the years the Open Source community has, in many cases, been a lot like that.  There have been tremendously skilled people are writing code and creating revolutionary applications…but there was nobody to point them in the same direction, and as such, the project turned out to be less than it could be, or ended up being “all forked up” (as in too many versions of the same thing).  As of today though, OpenStack has that “Captain” in the form of a Board of Directors of the newly formed OpenStack Foundation. Continue reading “OpenStack – Free at Last!”

The Year In Review…

I need to first apologize to my readers…it’s been several weeks since I wrote anything.  I had some personal business to attend to that kept me away from writing, and in that time, so much has happened…I don’t know where to start.  So rather than figure that out, I’d like to look back at some of the biggest stories of the year in terms of how the Cloud evolution started the year, and how it ended the year.  No…it isn’t a timeline approach and I am sure I’ll miss something as there was SO much that changed this year in Cloud.  But an exciting year it was, and an exciting year it will be in 2012.  At least until we all die on December 21st. Continue reading “The Year In Review…”

Is the iCloud using AWS and Azure? So what if it is…

While doing some of my early morning reading today I stumbled across an article on that reported that people have been watching HTTP traffic and it appears that Amazon AWS and Microsoft’s Azure Cloud were being used in some way to support the iCloud data center in North Carolina.  (See full article here).  I don’t know if Apple is using these other Cloud service providers or not.  What I will say is…who cares?  Let me explain why before the Macista’s out there filet me for defending this in the event that it turns out to be true, because there are a LOT of news stories out there calling this a HUGE black eye and embarrassment for Apple.  With all due respect, I disagree. Continue reading “Is the iCloud using AWS and Azure? So what if it is…”