Reflecting On Life…

Processed with VSCOcam with b3 presetThis is not a technology posting, so please forgive me while I reflect on life, and what we make important. I am reminded of how we need to do this as I am, at age 46, watching people I know and love in the flight for their life with cancer or other serious illnesses. All of a sudden as the gray hair starts to show up and my beard requires a little “touch up” I find myself looking in the mirror. Continue reading “Reflecting On Life…”

My First Year in a “Start-Up”

One YearWell, I survived my first year at Nutanix, and while we are not really a “start-up” any more, I have certainly learned a lot about myself, and about what hard work in the world of a Silicon Valley Pre-IPO company¬†really looks like. It isn’t anything like what I expected, and I am not sure anything I could have done to prepare would have properly prepared me for the past year.¬† Continue reading “My First Year in a “Start-Up””