Now THAT is Easy

Teasyhis article is dedicated to the art of making things simple, and the good folks in Seattle at They have really tapped into desire of people to be as lazy as possible over the past two weeks has taken “easy” to a new level. I am talking about how easy they have made shopping, delivery and return on things bought on Now please don’t mistake with Amazon Web Services (Amazon’s Cloud known as AWS) because while is stupid simple, AWS is anything but. Continue reading “Now THAT is Easy”

NSA’s PRISM…My Thoughts

324963-nsa-prismWe’ve all be SLAMMED with information about the National Security Agencies (NSA’s) “PRISM” project, so please allow me to apologize in advance for this posting if you are sort of “done” with PRISM. However, I have had enough people ask me about it given my background as a Data Analytics expert, as well as my background from another life. I will attempt to make my point as clear as possible, but I understand that we may not agree.  Either way, hang in there with me and let’s work through this together. Continue reading “NSA’s PRISM…My Thoughts”