Reflecting On Life…

Processed with VSCOcam with b3 presetThis is not a technology posting, so please forgive me while I reflect on life, and what we make important. I am reminded of how we need to do this as I am, at age 46, watching people I know and love in the flight for their life with cancer or other serious illnesses. All of a sudden as the gray hair starts to show up and my beard requires a little “touch up” I find myself looking in the mirror. Continue reading “Reflecting On Life…”

My First Year in a “Start-Up”

One YearWell, I survived my first year at Nutanix, and while we are not really a “start-up” any more, I have certainly learned a lot about myself, and about what hard work in the world of a Silicon Valley Pre-IPO company really looks like. It isn’t anything like what I expected, and I am not sure anything I could have done to prepare would have properly prepared me for the past year.  Continue reading “My First Year in a “Start-Up””

Relationship with the Boss

OfficeSpaceThis is a posting that I started back in January of 2013 but didn’t quite get to finish because things at work were heating up and the time I had to put my thoughts down just got less and less. Unlike my technical postings which I generally spend time researching and then writing, this one was really meant to be written “from the heart”. In my years working the in the military and post military, as well as things learned through my MBA program (and then practiced in real life) I have observed some things that I think are exceptionally important in the boss / employee relationship dynamic. The past couple of months though challenged everything I thought was right, and as such I felt the need to share my experiences with you. Just fair warning…this posting will be a little longer than normal. Continue reading “Relationship with the Boss”