Now THAT is Easy

Teasyhis article is dedicated to the art of making things simple, and the good folks in Seattle at They have really tapped into desire of people to be as lazy as possible over the past two weeks has taken “easy” to a new level. I am talking about how easy they have made shopping, delivery and return on things bought on Now please don’t mistake with Amazon Web Services (Amazon’s Cloud known as AWS) because while is stupid simple, AWS is anything but. Continue reading “Now THAT is Easy”

Happy 21st Birthday Linux (August 25th)

When I look back on my IT career which started in September of 1991 I was pulled into the wonderful world of SunOS (which later became Solaris for you Windows folks).  I loved SunOS because of what I could do with it.  It was a workhorse, and it just worked.  Granted, it required the Sparc processor and other such hardware from Sun, but I didn’t care…it did what I needed it to do as an administrator.  But wow…was that Sun hardware expensive!  That’s ok though, I was in the Navy, and it wasn’t like I had a choice in the matter.  Then one day I was reading something about this guy in Helsinki working on some sort of project…some free operating system that sort of worked and resembled Unix.  Then on August 25th, 1991 came the email that would change my life… Continue reading “Happy 21st Birthday Linux (August 25th)”